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If you are having issues logging into the Academy, please send an email to our technical support team during standard business hours.

You can reset your password using this link: There is also a button under the login button on the login page which says “Lost your password?” which you can click.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Sarah Rakestraw is the owner of the online embroidery store, Golden Hinde.  She has been teaching embroidery for over 25 years and is an expert in her field, she has taught in many different settings to different skill levels, from taster classes at the likes of the knitting and stitch show to full week long retreats. 

Sarah has also taught for Lady Anne’s Needlework where she has taught a goldwork book, which involved samples of lots of threads and wires. In 2023 she taught Lady Margaret’s Pin Cushion, these were all taught online. 

Having developed her expertise over so many years, Sarah is delighted to launch the Golden Hinde Academy in December 2023.

The Golden Hinde Academy is a growing collection of online training, resources and community for embroiderers at all levels of their crafting.
Members at all skill levels are welcome to join for a low monthly subscription or heavily discounted six monthly or Annual membership.
Inside this website. members have access to fun projects, online skills training, community, discounts and special offers and so much more.

Your membership payment is taken securely via the payment processor, Stripe. 

You can change your subscription level at any time. For example you may be paying monthly and decide that you want to pay for 6 months or a year, this can be done via your account, this is accessed via your dashboard. Under My Membership there is the option to renew, change or cancel your subscription, then follow the instructions.

You can reset your password using this link:
There is also a button under the login button on the login page which says “Lost your password?” which you can click.

Inside the Academy there are projects for all levels. If you are just starting out, you will find lots of really helpful reference guides and videos. For those with more experience, our projects will give you new inspiration.

When you log in you will see a dasboard and there is a button ‘My Courses.”
Click on that button and you will be directed to the courses page.

You will require the following:
Frame, this can be bar frames, a hoop, or a slate frame, 8 inch is a good general size. Most projects will tell you the size frame if any different.

Scissors – good sharp embroidery scissors such as stork scissors, if you are doing Goldwork Metal thread scissors make cutting wires easier (wires can blunt your embroidery scissors)
Needles a range of needles would be good, embroidery needles are good all rounders. For Goldwork you would need a couching, wire and a darning needle. Leather needles are very useful for any leather work.
Fabric for a lot of projects fabric is a personal choice, we will state what fabric and size that we use for any project. If you are following a Goldwork project with us we will almost always be using a silk dupion with a polycotton or calico backing fabric.

Golden Hinde, and Golden hinde embroidery academy are 2 different companies so the websites are not directly linked. The team at Golden Hinde do run both websites. Golden Hinde are able to offer you 10% off all purchases made on the website in order to claim the discount you must register an account with the same email address that you have used to register/login on Golden Hinde Embroidery Academy (This is for audit purposes) we will manually upgrade your account on the shop site when we can match you up. 

Yes we will be doing monthly live classes, that all Academy members can join. We will email you the links and passwords to join the meeting which will be on zoom, we will ask you to login using your email address so that we can identify you and let you in. If you can’t make the Live session don’t worry we will be recording all the sessions and adding them to the Academy site. 

The owl project is long term stitching sampler which is exclusive for Academy members, we will be releasing  1 stitch a week to add to your owl, we have used a variety of colours which can be purchased as a pack or just use what you have, if you want to use the same colours as us we will add the colour number each week. We will be using DMC Mouline stranded cottons, we have used every colour available on the Golden Hinde website which is 37 in total. 

The Balloon project is a Goldwork project that we will be using to demonstrate various Goldwork techniques during our ‘Live sessions’ We have a pack available to purchase on the Golden Hinde website but we will also list what you need for the project. You will be able to watch the videos back at a later time. 

We will be very sad to see you go, but we understand that on-line courses are not for everyone. If you decide to cancel your account this must be done on your dashboard. You must be logged in and you will see my membership, here you can renew, change or cancel your subscription. Any cancellation must be done via your account (we are unable to action this via email or telephone) any cancellation will take effect at the end of your current paid term

If you prefer face to face teaching Golden Hinde do hold retreats 3 times a year which can be booked via our sister site we would love to see you there. 

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